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  ABOUT US - Harihareshwar Resort

Greengate Overview

Dr. Jain and Mrs. Jain have recently, since 1st May, 2010, started Greengate Resort, Harihareshwar. It is well furnished resort in Harihareshwar. You’ll never forget the marvellous experience under pine-clad ranch- where the Greengate is placed; and the peace of soul, which is expected by every traveller- leaved from his chaotic schedules- for the serenity of minds.
Greengate Resort is well maintained resort. It’s each room is equipped by an Air Conditioner, LCD TV- with dishtv connection, double bed, nonstop running cold and hot water, geyser for hot water, attach bathroom, western toilet, invertors and generator for electricity back-up and all the basic facility required by a person.
The actuality of cleanliness is the most important feature of Greengate Resort Harihareshwar. Greengate Resort Harihareshwar maintains its cleanliness candidly. Our rooms are too much clean and organized that we see each and every corner of room by the eagle’s eye.
Greengate Harihareshwar provides finger licking pure vegetarian food. Almost all tourists opined the food, prepared by Mrs. Jain, to be the best one. She is honoured by the Holiday IQ, a leading traveller website in India, by the certificate of India says YES for the awesome food she prepares.
All the same, we can organize the best holiday for our patrons.     


Greengate Resort Harihareshwar has six rooms in all. All rooms are luxurious rooms, which are also self-sufficient. All rooms are sufficiently spacious. Each room contains an air conditioner, LCD TV, dishtv connection and geyser. Greengate Resort has Inverters battery and Generator for electricity back-up (AC and Geyser on MSEB electricity). Greengate Resort provides nonstop running cold and hot water.  You can also see the photos of rooms.


Greengate Resort, Harihareshwar provides pure vegetarian food. Travellers opined it as finger licking food. Holiday IQ - a leading tourism website awarded Mrs. Jain India says YESfor the aweome food she prepares.


Garden and Games

Greengate Resort, Harihareshwar has a Green Garden and ample space for parking. There are swings, slides and see-saw for kids. You can also enjoy a game of ping pong and carom with your colleague at Greengate. The pleasure of bonfire with your partner or friends would surely make your trip to Greengate unforgettable.


Harihareshwar is known for its temple- Harihareshwar. It is very old temple placed at the coast of the Arabian Sea. It is sacredly known as Dev Bhumi- the Land of Gods. It has it’s so long history and an important “Devasthan” that it is known as Dakshin Kashi. Harihareshwar can also be explained as ’temple town’. Harihareshwar is Shiva’s temple. There is also a Kalbhairao and Yogeshwari Matatemple placed aside of Hanuman Mandir.
One of the best features of Harihareshwar place is that Harihareshwar combines religious and rejuvenating trip at the same time – Harihareshwar is known for Shiva’s temple along the seashore. It also boasts of silent and clean beaches of Harihareshwar with shallow waters. The nearest places to Harihareshwar are Shriwardhan and Diveagar
Now I must also acquaint you about Shrivardhan and Diveagar. Shrivardhan has also its historical significance. Shriwardhan is the birthplace of the first Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath. The Somjai Temple in Shriwardhan is also popular. Shriwardhan beach is also an attraction in Shrivardhan.
Diveagar is also famous for its beach.
Shriwardhan can also be visited along with Harihareshwar as it has a long clean beach as well as Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar is popularly known as Dakshin Kashi. Harihareshwar is surrounded by four holy hills named as Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri.
Harihareshwar temple is situated near these hills and it consists of idols of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Maheshwara. It was in the 16th century that Harihareshwar temples were constructed. Harihareshwar temple also consists of idol of Goddess Parvati, Shri Kalbhairav and Shri Yogeshwari. What is truly enticing about Harihareshwar is that harihareshwar offers one of the most splendid mélange – deep dark woods, unruffled and silent seashore, pristine beaches and lovely temples by the beach side of Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar offers good places to stay and there are lot many hotels and resorts to your comfort. Greengate Resort, that is a hotel gives best accommodation, in Harihareshwar offer all kinds of facilities to the comfort of the visitor. The holy town of Harihareshwar is set on a low cliff on the Konkan coast where the Savitri River flows into the Arabian Sea, surrounded by the four hills of Harihareshwar. Main attraction in Harihareshwar is Harihareshwar beach, Harihareshwar boating, Harihareshwar sightseeing, Harihareshwar temple also Harihareshwar nature observation that all you can do by stay in Harihareshwar hotels Greengate Resort Harihareshwar welcomes you with a lot of love.


Backwater and Boating

Greengate also arrange Backwater boating in the backwater of Bankot. This boating is done till sunset. This boat can carry 30-40 people. The boat will travel you around an hour. This is also nice tour.
Boat will take you from Arabian Sea, Bankot Backwater and Savitri River. This is also a fabulous experience. You will discover the real nature and culture of Konkan. You can see many fishermen with their indigenous elaborative decorated boats; their truly Konkani, Kaularu houses makes you the real feeling to be in Konkan.
You can experience evergreen forests at the bank of river. This is just like that you see in National Geographic Channel or in Animal Planet; it depends upon what you want to see. This is peaceful ride and gives you the harmony in your tour. Just put yourself on the deckchairs and enjoy the ride!      


Sight Seeing

Harihareshwar is popular for temples and beaches around the folks. Yet there are many places in Harihareshwar to which a traveller can visit. A trip to Harihareshwar makes your weekend an action pack holiday. You may visit to Harihareshwar and do Abhishek, or enjoy water sports on each; you can also have a round in backwater through our boat or can just sit on lawn or sand and spend your holiday in a peaceful manner. Here I’m giving you a little guidance about sightseeing in Harihareshwar.
Konkan is famous for its beaches and there are many beaches in the vicinity of Greengate Resort. The most recommended of all of them is Harihareshwar beach. MTDC beach is in front of Greengate Resort and it is always open for all of the visitors as it is Governmental. Along with them, there is Shrivardhan beach, Shekhadi beach, Diveagar beach and so on.

Harihareshwar Temple

Till now, you might have been known a little about Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar is very old temple and have its own importance. Harihareshwar is a ‘jagrut devasthan’ and you can feel it in the temple, that the peace of the soul.
Harihareshwar temple is actually of Hari, Hara and Ishwar, that is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Parwati’s temple. Just aside of Harihareshwar temple, there isKalbhairaw and Yogeshwari Mata’s temple. Nearby, there is Hanuman Mandir. Thus Harihareshwar is ‘temple town’. If you are religious natured, Harihareshwar is best “TeerthaKhetra” for you where you can complete various rituals and rites and “Pandits” will help you in that. You can perform almost all rituals that you expect. Greengate can better guide you about this.
The temple is thronged by the devotees of Lord Shiva especially during the celebrations of Mahashivratri.

Harihareshwar beach

Harihareshwar beach is clean, vast and a part of Arabian Sea. The temple is placed just on Harihareshwar beach. You can play in tides, do water sporting and sand biking, ride on buggy or play in sand. Sunset on Harihareshwar increases your enjoyment by many a times. Tides on Harihareshwar beach are also too fascinating. You can sit on platform and enjoy the tides that are jumping 8 or 10 feet high and at the same time, you can see the sun resting in the Arabian Sea.             

Shukla Teertha

Shukla Tirtha is one of the most beautiful Tirthas in Harihareshwar. You can come across Shukla Tirtha while doing Parikrama. Shukla Tirtha is situated 30 feet inside the sea yet the nature around it is truly incredible. The stormy waves, rocky shore, vast ocean and hills aside makes Shukla Tirtha more adventurous than any other sight. While Parikrama, at its highest point, you can see never-ending, extensive Arabian Sea and long stairs (generally known as Ganesh Gully!) going towards Shukla Tirtha. It is thrilling. This is only that can complete your trip.      

MTDC beach

MTDC beach is placed just in front of the Greengate Resort. It takes hardly two minutes to reach this beach from Greengate. It is always open for folks as it is Governmental. You can have a long morning walk on this beach. It is the great experience. The sunrise at MTDC beach is marvellous and only the one. The shimmering sand and waves are too pleasing that you cannot keep yourself by capturing it in your memories. If you are so fortunate then you may meet an eagle or seagull or any other unexpected guest. I highly recommend you to visit this beach.
It is not that you can meet MTDC beach only in daytime. MTDC beach at night under moonlight is also too lovely. You can enjoy calm atmosphere with the sound of high tide. This melange is stupendous.            

Jungle Jetty (Ferry Boat)

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Sunrise and Sunset at Greengate

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Shriwardhan beach

Shrivardhan is the birth town of Great Balaji Vishwanath Peshawe- the first prime minister of Chhatrapati Shiwaji Maharaja's Maratha Empire. Therefore, Shriwardhan has its own historical status. Shrivardhan beach is also a good beach. One should meet Shrivardhan in his stay at Harihareshwar.    

Somjai Mandir

The Somajai Devi Temple is another ancient shrine in the destination in Shriwardhan, which is dedicated to Goddess Somajai. Natives believe that the Goddess helps in extracting the venom of snake from the body of the person. The victims pray and undertake Pradakshinaas or Dandvat that is circumscribing the temple by lying flat on the stomach.


Shekhadi Bharadkhol Coastal Route

Shekhadi Coastal Route starts from Shrivardhan to Diveagar. It is lovely coastal route. I must say, it is superb route. At one side of this route there is golden sand sea, and at other side there are hills of Sahyadri Ranges. This is the best route to complete your tour of Shrivardhan and Diveagar. This is fabulous beach. 


Diveagar beach

Diveagar beach is wonderful, long beach on the shores of ‘Ketaki’s Wans’ (Forests of Ketaki). This is typical nice beach which is not more than 30 km from Greengate Resort, Harihareshwar

Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort is the fort in the sea and it is the wonderful fort and till the last moment of Shiwaji Maharaj, he cannot capture it. It was built and ruled by Siddi Johar and built so Janjira Fort so strategically that he defeated Shiwaji Maharaj.
Though so long history, you can see the canons and few weapons used at that time in the Fort. You can reach Murud Janjira by car or through ferry boat. By car it takes about 2 hrs from Greengate Resort, Harihareshwar; and from ferry you should drive up to Dighi Port then fetch the ferry then get the local transport for Murud Janjira Fort.       

Raigad Fort


Reaching There
Land routes to Fort Raigad
From Pune: Chandani Chowk - Paud Road - Dawadi - Bhira Top - Adarwadi - Nizampur - Via Mangaon Road Mumbai-Goa Highway - Mahad - Raigad
Distance from Pune to Raigad is 150 Km.
From Mumbai: Mumbai to Panvel by Goa highway towards Goa up to Mahad-Raigad.
Distance from Mumbai to Raigad is 140 Km.
From Mahabaleshwar: Via Pratapgad-Poladpur Ghat to Mumbai-Goa highway towards Mumbai upto Mahad-Raigad
Distance from Mahabaleshwar to Raigad is 75 Km.
From Kolhapur: Via Ambaghat up to Hatkhamba which connects to Mumbai-Goa highway towards Mahad-Raigad
Distance from Kolhapur
Some of the excellent tourist spots around Fort Raigad are:


Famous hill station of Maharashtra-Western Ghats. It is situated only 75 Km. away.


Place of pilgrimage. Famous temple of Lord Shiva located on the seashore. Built by the great Peshwas. The beach is simply superb.


Ancient temple of Lord Ganesh on a beautiful beach.

Shivthar Ghal

Sacred abode of Swami Ramdas, the Guru of Maharaja Shivaji. Ashram is located near a grand waterfall.


These caves of the Buddhist period are located near Mahad, close to Fort Raigad.

Site Office

Mr. Subhedar Kulkarni - Site Incharge
Raigad Ropeway
P.O. Pachad, Dist. Raigad 402 305, India.
Telefax: +91 - 2145 - 274831
Tel: +91 - 2145 - 202122


Sapteshwar Yatra in Shrawan

Sapteshwar Yatra is the Yatra specifically completed in Shrawan. This is Yatra of six Shankar’s Mandir. The sacred Yatra starts from Harihareshwar and at its last stage; it is completed at Harihareshwar only.

Kusumeshwar Temple

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Amruteshwar Temple

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Jeevaneshwar Temple

Jeevaneshwar Mandir is very old temple in Shrivardhan. It is Shankar Bhagwan’s temple. It has also its religious significance. It is one of the temple that to be visited in Sapteshwar Yatra. The Jeevaneshwar temple is located in Jeevana, Shriwardhan. 

Jawaleshwar Temple

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Dhareshwar Temple

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